My pictures turned out BEAUTIFUL! Kimberly was very professional and responded immediately to any questions or changes to be made. From being a customer at other businesses that do photo enhancing, I have never experienced the level of professionalism, quality, and communication as I did with Kimberly. Many of the people who do touch-ups especially glitz, do not have the highest level of artistic ability or technical skill to make the picture stunningly beautiful in every way, but have more of a "fake" feel and the finished picture does not necessarily look better than the original one, just different. Anyone can add make-up and change a background nowadays, but the level that she does to her work is a cut above the rest, by far. In my opinion she produces the highest quality photo enhancing out there especially for glitz pictures.  Rachel K.

Definitely worth your money... I got a winning photo from a snapshot! Kimberly is a miracle worker - Chelsea

I LOVE it!!!!! My husband says he loves you!!! Lol! You're the best :-) And we will be doing a lot more business with you for years to come!!

Cheri Jones

Yey!!! Even my husband who is not found of Glitz pics, LOVES IT!! All done, LOVE LOVE LOVE Andrea Ward

WOW.  love it!    Great job!!!!!!!!!

Tara Piercy

You did a picture for me about 9 years ago and it was beautiful so we are really looking forward to seeing what you can do with these. Thanks so much, we can't wait to see them! Gwendolyn Fletcher

Thank you soooo much!!! It's perfect!!! You did great!!! :) Heather Bennett

I keep looking at it. Its wonderful  thanks for the wonderful job as always. I looked at the before and after and its amazing!  That would be a good one to advertise with.....  Autumn

Kimberly, I just wanted to thank you for ALL your beautiful work, ALL the time... I just found out that the photo won "OVER-ALL PHOTOGENIC"  YOU make the difference, ALL the time. Thanks AGAIN for your friendship and beautiful work!

You are awesome!!!  Thank you so much.  I love it.  I'll let you know how they score and I will definitely use you in the future!!!  Chloe LOVE'S it :)Kerry

Great!!!!! Please send hi-res for printing 8x10!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!! The photos look amazing!!!!! Love your work!!! :)

I am in love with you because I can see where the light hits on lips and face and eyes and tell that you don't just copy and paste features, you just enhance the ones that the child has.  It looks like an amazing version of the girls, but I can still recognize it as them.  You rock my world!!  I love it.  I am so happy that I stumbled upon you!!

Good Morning Kimberly!
Got the picture proof and fell in love! It is exactly what I wanted!  Leaving my Payton beautiful and natural. It is Awesome! Many thanks and hats off to you for being so talented and creative. I guess we are ready to print. You have great talent, no one around here does this kind of work and when I am telling you that you could make a killing around here you really could! No one can even begin to touch your work! I am sure we will continue with the photogenic segments of our competitions fro many years to come, and will for sure be back for more of your fabulous work!

Lori Fertal

Oh my goodness, Kimberly! You're a genius! The picture is beautiful and still looks like my girl! I wish I had put different earrings on her (my bad, not yours). Other than that, it's PERFECT!  Thank you sooooo much! I probably will order a print from you, too, later this week.  Again, you're too awesome for words! You never know what you're going to get when you find someone randomly on the Internet, so I'm so glad I chose you! I appreciate the way you have kept in touch with me through the process.  Your professionalism is top-notch! Your very happy and loyal new customers,
Rebecca & Kinnison

Hey Kimberly!

What to change? Honestly... NOTHING!!! I LOOOVE IT!

Thank you so so much! This is the best anyone has done with her, I am finally FULLY satisfied!
I got some more photos today at our photo shoot. So I will be in touch again soon! Talk to you soon!

Thank you so much for your great work.  I hope you don't mind I'll be passing your name along to some of my business associates who need to get their head shots done.

Michelle Wood

Hello Kimberly!  Well all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m not sure how to THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!  You have done an amazing job!!!!!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!!!  I don’t see anything that would need to be changed!  It looks “glitzed”, but so natural.  Not that you would need any, but if you ever do need a referral, please feel free to use me for one!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  I feel so confident going into this pageant this year!!!!! Did I say Thank You??!!??


You're amazing, they're GREAT!  Man you have some great eye, thanks so much, SEND 'EM OVER!   Thanks bunches,   BUD

Oh I am so pleased I started crying when  I saw them. I have always admired your work but now I am amazed. You don't know how much this means to me.  I am so appreciative!!!   I can't tell you how pleased I am.  You have my business for ever !

thanks again bunches Pat  

Hi Kimberly..... all i can say is................... WOW this is just gorgeous..... what i love about it  is that it is still her.  a lot of the pictures I've seen at the pageants look nothing like the baby who the picture is of.
this is so beautiful.... thank you so much ... i love it, can you tell??   your work is amazing. i cant wait to send it in for her pageant this month.       i dont think there needs to be any changes   do you ?     i am so excited....
thank you, thank you  soooo very much

You are soooooo PERFECT~~~ Thanks soooo much!  I love it!!  
thanks again!!

Hey Kimberly, that looks so good.  I really like it.  It still looks like her and that was important to me.  Thanks, Melissa

I think it is wonderful, wonderful!!!!! You  always do such a fantastic job.!!!!!!!   You are truly the best. !!!!!!  Jo

Thank you again for such beautiful work!!!!!
Hi Kimberly,
 You amaze me! You have done a wonderful job. This client has been pressured by other pageant moms to go to Memphis to have these photos done. She charges around $1500. My client said no, she thinks she can get great work done by us. I think that you have reaffirmed her feelings on this. You have done an excellant job!  Thanks, Christie

i love it!!! thank you!!! print it!!! you did a great job! i thank you so much for doing it so fast too, thanks is all i can say lol!!


Thank you so much!  It looks awesome!  I love the scarf there...it's perfect!  You really did an awesome job especially coming from a snapshot!  I love it!

Thanks again, Jennifer

I just love them!! i am soo happy! yippeee!! Paula

That looks great thank you so much, just what I was looking for!!!!   Nikki

Hey Girl-
The picture looks AWESOME !!! LOVE IT !!! Thank you, Thank you !!!
WOW  I Love your work. You may go ahead and mail it.

Hey there,
I just wanted to let you know that the photos came and they look awesome! Thanks so much!  Leysa

Everybody loves it!!!  Yeah!!!  Thank you so much I am very happy with our end result.  Thanks again!!  Kati and Maci

Thanks sooo much for enhancing Olivias Pictures, we did really well this past weekend at a National Pageant we got overall photogenic(age group 5-8) and belive me it was a tough group to compete with. I just wanted to let you know that your work is appreciated.
Thanks Again,
Oh my Goodness, it's gorgeous.  I LOVE IT!  Thanks so much. We'll be looking forward to getting our prints.
Thanks Again & I know we'll use you again when new ones come.

That looks amazing! Thank you so much. 
Jamie Huntington

Hi Kimberly
Thanks Dusti and I are so excited :) Her picture did awesome They liked the black and white the best.I will be sending more your way.
Beth & Dusti B
Hi Kimberly!
 What a surprise being done so soon! You totally out did yourself! I loooooovvvvvee it! Thank you so much.  I will definitely be using your services in the future! You are awesome =) Ashley

Hi Kimberly,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the pictures and they are beautiful....Thanks so much for all of your hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Alisha

Omg it's perfect! I LOVE IT! Thank you so so very much. I'll let you know how it scores! Love it! Thank you again!
THAT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PHOTO I'VE EVER SEEN OF HER!!!  I can't believe how beautiful it is!!!! Kimberly thank you so much. Liz


I just got the photos back from the Printer. 
They are absolutely perfect.  
Thank you SO MUCH!!
Lee Ann

They are perfect! You did a great job. Kimme