Current wait is approximately 4 weeks

Natural Touch Up

Natural enhancements are perfect for you, if you'd like your photo to look better, without anyone knowing you had anything done to it. There is less detail work involved in this enhancement in comparison to the Full Touch up.  

Beauty/ Glamour - Full-Touch Up

Working from a Professional Original

Instead of charging for every little change,  it is one set enhancement fee for your professional headshots. Very detailed work, for that perfect overall look.

If you would like anything specific done, please just let Kimberly know when you send in the photo. Otherwise, she will use her professional opinion. Please let her know what you'll be using the photo for, so she will be sure to meet your needs.

Snap Shot-Beauty/Glamour-Full Touch Up


Working from a Snapshot Photo 

Snapshot photo's are a bit more difficult to retouch for competing in a Pageant or Photo Contests. Shadows and poor lighting increases the fees, due to the extra work involved.

Background Change

Rush Services

Kimberly is always in high demand and has at least a 1 week wait, so you should  try to send your photos a couple weeks prior to when you'll need them back. However if you need your photos right away, she can do a Rush for you. This doesn't mean less quality, it just moves you up the waiting list.

Do you need your photo within the next  7 days?

1 Week Rush

Do you need your photo in the next 3 days?

Great News! It can be done.

3 Day Rush

If you need your photo in the next 24 hrs, this is the Rush service for you.

 24 hour Rush

We can print your photos up to an 8 1/2 X11 size. These prints will be made by a TOP QUALITY Photo Lab.  Prints are shipped through FedEx to insure you will receive your photos quickly. We can also offer you 1- 8x10 or 2- 5x7's or even a sheet of wallets.


Fed Ex- Standard shipping included in your print fees.

Shipping Fees

Fed Ex Overnight delivery-$25.00

Waiting List

Clients are added to the waiting list in the order that payment is received.
We accept paypal or you can postal mail in your retouch fees. 

Picture Size

You need to scan your photo at a very high resolution, so that it will be very large and clear. If the original is not clear, there is a good chance your retouched picture will not be either. I will let you know if your photo is not large enough. It's best to scan an 8x10 glossy original at a million colors. You'll have the best possible and most natural retouch if we can work with a clear original. So therefore it's best to scan your photo's at a resolution of 400- 600 DPI.

Copyrighted Photo's
 It is your responsibility to get the photographer's permission to have your photo retouched or printed, Kimberly Goralewicz accepts no responsibility for copyright infringement.  By sending photos to her for retouching or printing, you are implying that there is no copyright or that you have the photographers permission for Kimberly to retouch or print the photos. 
How to get Started
1. Please email the large resolution photo.
If you don't know what you'd specifically like to have done, Kimberly will use her best judgment as to what needs to be retouched. However, please feel free to email any special requests.
2. You must  paypal in your retouch fees to be added to the waiting list.
3. Once your photo is finished. Kimberly will email you a large version of the retouched photo for your approval. If Kimberly has missed anything that you wanted to have done, you can just let her know at that time, and she will be happy to fix anything that you wanted to have done. Once the photo is accepted, she will then email you a large resolution file of the photo.
 You can send in your retouching fees through If you don't have a paypal account, that is okay as well. You can
use a debit or credit card to send in your fees by clicking on the paypal logo and then clicking on the link "Don't have a paypal account" You can securely send in your fees this way. 

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