Kimberly Goralewicz

   I have the best job in the world. Sometimes it doesn't even feel like a job at all because I am truly passionate about what I do. Not only is it fun to work on the photos, but I then get to hear about how happy my customers are and that makes my job even more rewarding.

My little girls started competing in local, state and national beauty pageants in 1995. By 1998 I started retouching their photos. Before I knew it, I was doing work for my  pageant friends and they were telling their friends, and they were telling their friends, and so on.

I am best known for my Glitz Beauty Pageant Enhancements, however I can do natural enhancements for those who are wanting a natural look. Every actor, model, comedian, and even realtors are having their headshots enhanced. I will happily keep you looking natural, with light retouching. There is no reason to not have your photos looking their very best without looking fake or having to use untouched photos. You could save a lot of time and money on wasted headshots, thanks to today's digital enhancements.

I promise to provide excellent customer service to my world wide customers. You don't need to postal mail or visit me on location, I am available to everyone anywhere. All you need is to be able to send me an email.  All photos are enhanced by myself. I don't hire out to other photo enhancers, this guarantees quality work every time.

Please feel free to email me with any questions. I am happy to help in anyway that I can.

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